Jan is a graduate of the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science, which conducts the only diploma course in clinical hypnotherapy in Australia holding full government accreditation.

Hypnotherapy has been used widely and successfully for many years in Australia and overseas for the relief of a range of disorders including physical, emotional and psychological conditions.

Hypnosis is safe, relaxing and completely natural. During a session of hypnotherapy, concentrated focus and the imagination is used within a deep state of relaxation to empower you and make positive changes.

Clinical hypnotherapy can assist you to create sustained calmness and peace of mind, resulting in reduced feelings of stress and anxiety. It can be used successfully in a wide range of applications to:

- Reduce anxiety and stress

- Stop smoking

- Overcome fears

- Prepare for a positive birthing experience

- Improve self-esteem, confidence

- Control pain

- Increase focus and concentration

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